In conservative Singapore, plus-size actors take center stage

By Catherine Lai

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I will take a pass on this one.

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I like how the women in Singapore looked back in the 1990s when I last went there - bigger than the average Korean and Japanese, but smaller than the ones in the U.S., which was quite refreshing. Nicer attitude, too. Great melting pot of cultures.

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Nothing wrong with fat shaming. Fat people weren't forced to eat too much so that they became obese. It is a choice they have made, a disgraceful choice when parents allow children to become obese due to their neglect.

Naw, she’s fat but she’s nowhere near obese. I know, been enough around obese women. She has a long way to go. And again you are wrong when you think it’s the fault of the parents when their kids become big or obese. A lot has to do with genetics, or it could be a medical condition, it doesn’t have to be that a person necessarily overeats to become I think there’s still a lot of prejudices concerning larger sized people. Seen a lot of beautiful larger sized women and I think it’s a good time that they get the attention they deserve.

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While genetics do play a part in how easy it is for someone to drop or gain wait, this is generally given more weight than it deserves in our modern world, as an excuse as to why people don't lose weight. The fact is, nearly every human has the potential to be in good health and of a healthy weight. This can clearly be seen from looking at obesity rates in earlier times. The problem we have is in our diet - processed foods, added sugars, excessive carbs, and overly large portions have created a diet that pushes people towards obesity. Add this to a car-based lifestyle, more desk sitting, and less outdoor activities, and it's the perfect storm for being overweight. This is all nurture, not nature. Nurture is 80% of what makes up your body type, nature is only about 20%. So people shouldn't let their family history be an excuse, they should recognize that it requires a change in lifestyle, and a change in mindset, to lose weight. It's not reasonable to expect to live on the current western diet while expecting to not be overweight. It has little to do with your genetics, and much, much more to do with your lifestyle choices.

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I thought that was Watanabe Naomi.

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"I dare you, watch me as I undress,"

I will take a pass on this one.

Me too

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