Is Facebook envy making you miserable?

By Belinda Goldsmith

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Dumped my twitter & FB accounts 2 months ago. Was strange at first for about a week or two - living more in the "now" these days. Use G+ a bit and easy to control who sees what. Probably missing a few events but people seem to call or text or email me if they need something. Try it ..…

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Seeing friends lapping up waist deep powder in the Mtns while stuck slaving in the bleak grey city coal mines, does cause a bit of envy at times!

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Not if you love the people posting and are simply happy for their happiness and achievements...but I dare say I can see a bunch of narcissts and conceited group of people which all jn all I find it easy to ignore! FB is for fun, I don't take it seriously nor personally.

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I signed up for FB in 2005 (ish) and lasted a couple of months before I quickly figured it was the most facile and vaccuous thing I had ever engaged in. I deleted my account after about 6 months and have not once, ever regretted it.

I feel no envy.

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I only really use FB for linking to my model making blogs... I find it quite boring most of the time. As for envy... seriously? I go to Japan every year, why should seeing other people's photos make me jealous?

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Seek happiness in your own life, in your own way. With or without Facebook. I post something about every 6 months on FB. Facebook doesn't bother me, but doesn't particularly interest me either. I prefer people who have a bit of mystery about them, not people who are eager to spill the beans on literally everything. I do NOT want to know what they had for lunch Monday to Friday (I mean, come on, who really cares?) but if they did go to some cool event, then I might look at the photos.

When we start feeling sorry for ourselves or 'envy' like in this case, we are taking Facebook a little too seriously I believe. It's like we are feeling a sense of 'entitlement' or something.

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