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Mizuho to offer employees 3-day or 4-day weekends


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Sounds nice,but the slash in pay won't work for many.

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Because of the salary cut, almost all employees will hold on the usual 5 days per week.

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I offer this to some of my employees I call it working part time.

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James, good one! Spot On!

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It comes as firms in Japan, known for a strong work ethic and long working hours

The article forgot to mention lack of proper time management and efficiency.

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Wow! Great news. You can work less and keep full-time employment protections.

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It is just a cost saving matter for Mizuho, a camouflaged way of changing Staff from full time to part time.

Not even well camouflaged. Over staffed anyway, Mizuho.

But lots of space for some more little grey cells in the understaffed skulls of management

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How about overtime? Let's assume that they work 9-6 pm (that's 8 hours + lunch break), if one works an extra 1-2 hours in the morning, and 3-4 hours in the evening, could he/she just go 3 long days, and compensate for the remaining 2, with full salary? I would do that, work hard 3 days, then having 4 days off

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More flexibility is good. This is still paying people by hours/days on the job though, not output. Anyone who fulfills their work responsibilities in three days instead of five will get a huge pay cut.

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I think this offer of flexibility is great. I know this is a cost-cutting measure but this sure beats laying off a lot of people while forcing those who remain to work 5-day weeks.

I know co-workers and friends who don't want a pay cut but on the other hand they would like to work a bit less and have more free time even if it's for less dough.

I hope more companies go this route.

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MIZUHO forgot to mention the pay cuts that comes with this offer. How many heads will be cut???. Not accurate.

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There are more answers needed. If you work 3 days or 4 days, will you still be considered a full time employee? Will you also be forced to meet the necessary hours requirements? If you are still forced to put in a 40 hour work week in 3 or 4 days, then how is the decrease in pay justified?

The good news is that they say they have a little over 56,000 employees so 45,000 employees covers a high percentage.

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So it's simply a cost-cutting measure, driven by the bottom line rather than concern for employees. Another loyalty test.

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The pay cuts and shorter working hours will morph into lay-offs, be prepared.

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Under the new system, employees who work three days would get 60% of their current salary and those who opt for four days would earn 80% of their income, she added. But employees can still opt to stick to five working days.

Good one. What's the point? More "flexibility" and less pay equals less financial flexibility for everyone I know. Just trying to take care of their bottom line by thinly disguising it as some sort of benefit for employees. Typical of these companies.

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