Japan's weaker yen a blessing to some, burden for others


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"a nation notorious for meticulously saving" - media pieces with that sentiment were common and true throughout the 1980s but just a few years ago it was reported Japan's savings rate had fallen below zero. Cash handouts have upped the savings rate in the last couple of years but the idea that Japan is a country of savers is outdated.

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I'm personally loving the weak yen, I'm hoping for a ¥150 a dollar soon.

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Now is a good time to buy a home here if you have dollar savings.

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Japan is like an ultra cheap third world country. And it will only get cheaper and cheaper for the multitudes who will descend on the country when permissible, to snap up everything, including dirt cheap properties. I know of several people overseas who just can't wait to go to Japan for all the amazing bargains on offer. Mr Allen is going to be so busy soon! But I can't imagine the ordinary Japanese people seeing this will be happy as inflation soars but wages and salaries stagnate or even fall.

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Definitely not complaining about a weak Yen. Been using the US credit card more often on larger purchases and get a great exchange rate, end up saving quite a bit sometimes. Also transferring money here from USD, you can benefit, just watch the rates daily and then pull the trigger on days it's back up near 130yen or higher.

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Meanwhile, Chinese has conquered Hokkaido and Kyoto.

Vietnamese people like Mrs Tran are taking pretty all high-paying jobs from the Vietnamese at rapid speed, and they are also building Vietnamtowns across Japan along with the Chinese. It's merely less than two decades that you will see a very foreign Japan.

Thanks to the LDP and Abe for making Japan poorer that foreigners will take over!

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" from the Vietnamese" = Japanese

Typo mistake

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