Japan looking to sell 'smart' cities to the world


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Home-networking :

As a home network or home area network (HAN) becomes widely available, more households are going to feel the clear differences in their utility bill along the way.

By using wireless technology & the setting of consumer's choice , energy-hungry appliances are able to handle electricity use automatically.

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Smart grid technology = the government monitors your power usage and if you disagree with the government they can turn off your power.

"Global warming" has been proven to be a hoax. That's why the hoaxsters have changed to the term "climate change." I guess Japan needs to get back on the same page as the UN, they're a little behind.

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This was tried in Australia already in the late 1980's as the Multi-Function-Polis (see the Wikipedia article). Lets hope this re-incarnation has a better chance of success.

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"Global warming" has been proven to be a hoax.

Where do you come up with a statement like that?

Global warming is not a hoax... Earth's average surface temperature has been rising consistently for the last 45years or so. Global warming is not a hoax. It is purely the cause of the rise that is in question, and no one can prove.

was tried in Australia already in the late 1980's

I think the level of intricacy involved is a little further ahead in this project than the one in Australia.

the government monitors your power usage

It is not the government providing you with power. It is the electricity company.

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I agree with SimonFox, climate change can be either hot or cold. Funny the planet has always had fluxuations in temperature. Global warming is a scam that needs to go away.

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I'm sorry... I think they're already in production in Abu Dhabi, UAE goo(dot)gl/MWek



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"Earth's average surface temperature has been rising consistently for the last 45years" Let's try more like 5000 years. Since we are coming out of an ice age. Some say now we are heading into another ice age a bit faster than normal brought on by pollution, i.e. the name change.

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How about "--- determines climate changes, weather, natural disasters", while those who are unaware fret, go in circles, and become overly paranoid about things they have been psychologically programmed to aAccept, like being monkeys. Bowing to "Mother Earth" is for monkeys.

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How come I don't see any of these things being installed or demonstrated in Kansai??

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Alternative sources like the sun, wind and nuclear power are harnessed in mass quantities.

Nuclear power is not an alternative energy source. And it should not be considered as a safe energy source in an earthquake prone little island like Japan.

What this "smart" city really lacks is a radically new technology no one else thought about possible. But this kind of break-through will certainly not come from Japan. It's a simple repackaging of known technology.

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Global warming is not a hoax.

Correct, but man made global warming is a myth. And as all political myths there is an agenda behind it: business. And it works well as we see with the sales of hybrids and other "ecological" feel good objects.

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Nuclear power is not an alternative energy source.

Well it's an alternative to solar power.

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Japan will show the world how to use energy efficiently? How about putting proper insulation in the houses and having double-paned windows for example. Just a thought.

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Haven't seen any smart cities in Japan, where are they all?

Selling something to the world that doesn't exist...

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"Smart cities". Does this mean I'm living in a Stupid City? (Tokyo)

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I'm still waiting for floating cars and robotic service. But smart grids and efficient power will suffice. I would expect Tokyo to be the first to display this tech.

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@SIMONFOX The Bush administration actually changed the usage of the term GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE in order to lessen the concern of American's when he wouldn't sign the Kyoto Protocol. So if you are making up caca that the supposed 'HOAXSTERS' are saying get it right.

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There's not much news worthy or notable here. Is this an attempt to export nuclear technology under the guise of alternative energy?

As with, kyoken, I'd like to see something innovative in terms of energy sources, but it won't come from Japan unfortunately.

Now, the means of power generation in Iceland is truly remarkable.

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as long as they pronounce city properly I am sure people will be interested.

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