Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers

By Hiroshi HIYAMA

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Japanese bathhouses awash with post-lockdown customers

I see what you did there.

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All the Japanese public baths near me were never closed underJapan’s soe-I regularly visited!

The onsens closed and maybe a very sentos but my bathing life was 100% unaffected.

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bathhouses?? i love them in the winter not in the summer.

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Do you not get sweaty during the summer and want to wash the sweat away andy?

they are a great place to get refreshed during the summer. Plus some have a cold pool.

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The onsen close to my place was open throughout the energency state, and judging from the number of cars in the parking lot, they had customers. And it is not a small place

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As long as there's distancing, what's the harm here?

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