Japanese businessmen brighten makeup industry amid pandemic


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I feel this is a little bit weird but I guess it should be expected, for good or for bad a lot of people are seeing themselves in a screen often for the first time and realize how they look.

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Many of these Japanese men are femme so stands to reason, used to see some on the trains near 30 years ago preening themselves and trying to look pretty and sometimes very hard to tell if they were male or female.

Where as, where I come from men wanted to look like men in those days.

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So, it's not just bad toupees and combovers anymore?

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@ Bjorn: I think it's a good thing men trying to look pleasant.

Surely there are people who think lots of body hair, muscles and scruffy looks are attractive. I'll leave it up to the women to breed those traits out of humankind.

What makes a man a man?

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Hmmm, the twists and turns of culture through time... but, since I am in favor of a massive cultural shift from global Patriarchy to Matriarchy as the ONLY possible change Humanity might try to save itself, this is a very positive shift in public perception as men take on the behaviors normally associated with women. The only 'bad' part is that, apparently, these gents are wearing makeup for meetings with OTHER men which is just a bit off course for gender dominance change. But, it will be interesting to see men in their cars at stoplights peering into their mirrors and desperately applying the various obfucacious clays to their, to them, inadequate countenances. And then, perhaps, in direct competition with men, women will decide to quit hiding themselves behind layers of the same cosmetic clay (check the label) and present their honest faces to the World because they are too busy healing and keeping our World from self destructing while the men preen... One can hope... Ever hear the call of a male Peacock? Once is enough.

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Well, if they can’t make money, they can at least make pretty...

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