Japanese clothes but few Japanese models at Tokyo Fashion Week


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I ran into many of these western models in bars/clubs in Tokyo. I found them thin, pale, unattractive. And they also smoked like chimneys. Not wholesome in any way whatsoever.

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Japanese models can't walk properly.

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Japanese have their own unique fashions. Why would they want to look at these non-Japanese fashion houses?

And, onanga is correct about their walking.

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This article could have been written forty years ago, at least as regards magazines. It's been at least that long since Japanese models last dominated the pages of their own country's publications.

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Japan is perhaps the only country where a minority ethnic group has dominant representation as models in mainstream media.

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Tall, white and often blonde young women dominate the runway, with a foreign look that is now commonplace in Japanese magazines, shows and advertisements.

This says a lot about Japanese society itself. Have a look at the fitness magazine, Tarzan - the two main models in each issue are always two stick thin caucasians. The Japanese are still putting caucasians at the top of the beauty ladder. They need a bit more self-pride (and a lot less plastic surgery).

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“We want to look at someone who we admire as an ideal body type,” she said.

And that rarely if ever seems to have anything to do with the people who will actually buy and wear the clothes.

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Get on the subway and exactly how many of those cute looking lolita girls with blue eyed contacts do you see? Not many from my experience because it is just a minority that want to look like a white girl.

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“We want to look at someone who we admire as an ideal body type”

...instead of being proud of who you are?

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If Japanese woman were trained how to wiggle when they walk rather than giggle when they talk, there would be a lot more Japanese models for the runways around the world.

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Damn that picture on this article is SCARY! J-ladies be GLAD you don't look like these zombie models from hell!!

And they are all walking tooth picks GROSS!

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I think J-models don't got that confident, seductive strut compared to other models. J-models got no attitude.

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Japanese girls are certainly some of the most beautiful in the world... and are the face of the future of fashion... clear clean skin, dark hair, sophisticated Asian beauty that all others aspire.. so many advertisers are still behind the curve...

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Doesn't help that the typical portrayals of ideal female body type in Japanese media resemble more the Western female body type than the Japanese female body type.

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@kekahuna. . . . Oh, so you also mean Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese models. Same basic features you're describing.

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I believe it's all Japanese models and talento when they have the Tokyo Girls Collection fashion event every year.

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If Japanese woman were trained how to wiggle when they walk rather than giggle when they talk, there would be a lot more Japanese models for the runways around the world.

Exactly. I love seeing Japanese women in both traditional and western clothes. It is a shame that the local fashion scene doesn't see that too. Sure - have a token white chick, but especially for the domestic market, please show the local beauty.

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A tall and thin person is often thought to be considered to be an ideal "model" figure. In other words, they're just seeking for models who have a figure similar to a mannequin, which is really impractical.

“I want to show the ‘made in Japan’ aspect, but the Japanese are attracted to Europe and foreign countries, so in order to promote this brand’s image I use foreign models,”

If I were him, I'd hire Japanese models who is likely to be standing out among those western models in order to have spectators recognize the brand and promote the brand's image.

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It is improving , many countries are now banning those overslim models due to health concerns.

This will also allow the fashion to be shown on a more average build model.

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i do not know what these people are projecting on the runway a girl or clothes?

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“I think it’s just the Japanese way that I love, how they treat other people no matter who you are, famous or not famous.” - Kali Myronenko

One smart cookie.

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Contrary to the popular belief on this board, it might have something to do that are East Asian models, and women in general, are not so much attractive - shortish, enormous heads, big/flat buttocks, huge pigeon-toe feet, often bow-angled legs, in need of face shave daily etc (everyone is beautiful in their own way but just their look do not appeal to general public and need separate clothing than normal one - there are Asian lines for most bigger brands accommodating the different shapes here). Not to mention that they hardly retain any beauty after their 24-25 birthday.

It is not about walking/posture/confidence whatever........Forget about Tokyo Fashion Week, look at the number of East Asian models working in Europe and N. America and type of shows they are part of it - some gothic chic or some supposedly unattractive model in some rebel clothes.

Yes, those models might be thin and "pale", whatever that might mean, but unattractive? - most probably out of your league.

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Seeing girls walking pidgeon-toed because they think it's cool - my first thought was that there was some basic genetic defect being passed on, but no; they just think it makes them look more sophisticated. Young people are still weird. (I probably was too at their age.) They also can be amazingly beautiful.

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OK... So I am looking for events... and, please clarify if I am fuming, I see ads for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Tokyo

And, it seems even the Event has to put it in print to designate against inaccurate (?) mislabeling.

"Fashion Week" is a fashion festival held twice a year in the world's fashion cities during which the trends for the next season are born from the latest collections that are unveiled at fashion shows and exhibitions. Out of the world's fashion weeks, those held in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo are regarded as having the most potential for disseminating information due to their history and the amount of buzz surrounding them. THese five fashion weeks are most known fashion weeks in the world and have much influence of the the fashion world.

The fashion week held in Tokyo is the "Mercedes-Benze Fashion Week TOKYO (MBFWT)". It is hosted by the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization) and held twice a year on March and October. Japan's latest creations are showcased to the world from various locations in Tokyo centered at Shibuya Hikarie and Mercedes-Benz Connection.

Now, in respects, I like certain things about Tokyo, but when I have this little 'Tokyo, Tokyo Disney, Tokyo Fashion Week, it comes off as a inferiority complex, and maybe why every other week there is some goofy JT story about 'what do foreigners think about Tokyo? ... Tokyo Unique! ... etc.' (which is not JT alone, ne? How often are you asked 'So how do you like japan?' shoved into your face at (pick your situation). Cool out Tokyo. People will recognize your thumbprint in the work, not in your second-rate rock band approach to "put your hands in the air for us!" The name of the event is "Mercedes-Benze Fashion Week TOKYO. Show some respect.

If the above is true (coming from Mercedes - and what a nudge in print for them to have to clarify!) Then, this JT story is dropping an inaccurate premise from the get go.

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Japan has plenty of their own emaciated young women; no need to import them from overseas.

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Yes, those models might be thin and "pale", whatever that might mean, but unattractive? - most probably out of your league.

If we don' like them, they're out of our league too.

I may like pretty girls, but dislike the idea that they're "special" because of it. Left that kind of thinking back in high school.

It is kind of odd, said 24-year-old Rika Tatsuno, one of the few Japanese models appearing on the Tokyo catwalks, where she reckons she is in an Asian minority of about 10 to 15 percent.

Definitely we would like to see more Japanese models.

Me too. Including more of you.

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Tall, white and often blonde young women dominate the runway

And not only the runway...they generally dominate :)

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Shame on you, the Japanese fashion industry. This indicates that Japanese 1) still has not recovered from the defeat of the WW 2; and 2) still has a great inferior feeling about their looks and body although the rest of the world admires the beauty of the Asian face and dark hair. The Japanese are basically mentally weak and sick when it comes to the western beauty.

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More Japanese models please! Also why do they have to all be so tall? I would like to see some attractive women that are under 175 cm too...

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If I were a Japanese woman, I would have been ashamed of myself, after reading this (well, don't think any will).

Why do some Japanese belittle their women like that? Yeah, they have to appeal to the global community, but that doesn't mean Japanese women are not able to do this. Japanese features appeal to a lot of westerners. Who wants to see the same type of girls over and over? Japanese like these are in mental prisons.

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@Shanique. In japan, men come first. (sad but true) Unlike the US where women and children come first.

This is why the women here are housewives with low self esteem. This makes J-models less confident in their potential. As a result, the industry will be less likely to chose them.

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