Japanese cosmetics company discovers stress smells like onions

By Kelsey Lark

We all know that onions make you cry, but did you know that stress makes you smell like onions?

That’s what researchers at the global cosmetics company Shiseido have recently discovered.

In between producing rad health and beauty products, they conducted a sample study of 40 women to collect data about their reaction to a very stressful situation: meeting someone for the first time. After this harrowing 20-minute meeting, they collected gas samples from the women’s skin and discovered elevated levels of two chemical compounds — allyl mercaptan and dimethyl trisulfide.

They’ve called the odor produced by this unique combination sutoresushu, or “stress smell”. And guess what it smells like?

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This study was done on women only. If women with stress smell like onions, then men with stress must smell like...

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@nanda That's it! Roses!

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Rubbish. So many things determine a human's odour - diet, health, medications, hormones, smoking, booze etc.

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