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Image: Kohei Ohmori

Japanese illustrator’s realistic Asahi Super Dry artwork looks good enough to drink

By grape Japan

It might seem that only using pencil might be a dead giveaway for even some of the most realistic artwork as simply a drawing, but Japanese illustrator Kohei Ohmori (@kohei6620) may have found the perfect subject for his hyper-realistic pencil artwork in the form of Japan's number one beer, Asahi Super Dry. Although seasonally decorated in an eye-catching sakura label, Super Dry is known for its sleek "silver bullet" can design, which Ohmori has expertly recreated in a pencil illustration that's making Twitter users do a double-take.

To make things even more impressive, Ohmori writes that this is his first illustration in two years. He says he put quite a bit of focus into detailing the drawing. You can see a gradual "making of" video below.

For more awesome realistic pencil illustrations, follow Ohmori on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.

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Kudos to a showcase of awesome skill, and a spot-on sense of choosing Japan's finest for a model.

I am hoping for a follow up of 'Otoko Ume'.

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Suddenly I wanna have a Super Dry

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If not for the video I would have accused him of photoshopping a picture of a can. That said, he should have and saved a whole bunch of time!

choosing Japan's finest for a model.

The article was closer to the truth calling it Japan's number one beer. It might be the best selling beer in Japan, but I am pretty sure you could drop a rock on a list of Japanese craft breweries and find finer beer there.

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I used to do stuff like this in high school.

What sells the illusion is what you erase – the highlights are crucial to the effect.

That and the incredible neatness of the text and lines is why it works so well.

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Great drawing! Terrific skills! Pity about the beer!

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Pity about the beer!

Nothing wrong with Super Dry.

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Woah! At first sight I really thought its actually a beer bottle. Amazing skill!

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