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Japanese inventor develops flying sphere drone


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It will be interesting to see this device in sports broadcasting giving a birds eye view of soccer games and/or other events. It can also be used at music concerts and as mobile surveillance cameras in doors and out. If they incorporate more then one camera and create a digital composite then they can have a mobile 360 degree view system as well.

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Be careful of leaving the blinds open at your love hotels people!

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Awesome, Japanese inventors always make the cool stuff.

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Good invention, but not new. Just added a camera on a toy that has been available for some time.

The possibilities for using it are enormous. I'll consider buying one when the price tag comes down - a lot!

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Use it to monitor Japan's nuclear power disasters.

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a flying bowling ball

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Nothing that advanced.. propeller in a ball..

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turbulence and poor weather conditions.

Will make it look like an out of control alien space ship if it is painted just right. Needs a few small flashing lights too.

I also wonder if they can make a giant one of these.

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DARPA, the US equivalent of this institute, wrote a few days ago that drones were being built around the world for prices of between 5 and 10,000 US$, and while not as capable as the Reaper or other RVs, they were still useful. Was not sure if the US Military-Industrial complex were scared of losing sales of their own expensive, over-priced models, or the US military were scared of being spied upon!

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I also wonder if they can make a giant one of these.

thanks for that advice girl.

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Looks not much different to me than a toy helicopter encased in a mesh. Such toy helicopter, with gyro is sold for approx. 5000 to 10000 Yen in Akihabara, depending on size and quality.

Well, my 6 year old son likes to play with it (the helicopter) outdoors, but it only works reliable, when there is low wind velocity. Seems our inventor has the same problems.

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A peeping toms wish list toy

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Great! Let's just hope it's not used the wrong way. I would hate to see these things flying around everywhere survaling the population. There's enough cameras already to set up a1984 type society

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How when someone in Japan invents something, his Japanese-ness is played up in the media? Americans have been quietly pioneering such drones, but the media doesn't play up their nationality/culture, etc.

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You wouldn't believe if I said I saw probably a prototype of this 3-4 years ago while resting inside a hot spa and looking up in the sky! My guess then was it was a small UFO of lilliputian aliens or military project especially because it was close to a military training zone and they had a maneuver earlier that day. It was spherical, flying at about 200 feet above the ground, seemed to be a bit larger than this photograph, and in a different color, maybe brown. It flew in a straight line north-southward at low but consistent speed. Anyway, interesting to see this announcement now ...

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hN7-1BSiYrQ its not exactly his invention this is the same thing except its a disk

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Wow, what a neat little prototype! I could see many wonderful uses for that, but I am sure evil awaits with grasping claws to take it over and use it for more sinister plans...... Better close your curtains ladies:)

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You could use it to follow your kids to school to make sure they arrive safely :)

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