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Japanese muscleman group wash their muscles and work out in a traditional bath house

By grape Japan

Japanese "muscular performance group" All Out (Allout_smile) certainly knows how to parlay their impressive physiques and enthusiasm for fitness into creative services. In the past, the group (which is made up of shirtless bodybuilding men) has turned used their strength and looks to offer "muscle escort" and cosplay services, as well as carrying people around like princesses at summer festivals.

Photo: All Out Japan

However, due to the impact of our current global pandemic, the group's famous "Muscle Cafe" will not be held at its regularly scheduled time this year. Because of that, the troupe of ripped studs has focused on different projects, such as a highly inventive "Muscle Tea Ceremony" with protein-packed traditional sweets and a free stock photo website of muscle men doing mundane everyday things.

The macho group has once again held a special "muscle event" to make up for the lack of a Muscle Cafe, this time flexing their physical talents at a sento--a traditional Japanese bath house--performing a wet and slippery workout routine while washing their muscles.

The bathing and muscle event featured All Out members Akihito and Sosuke, as well as a guest member form Body Hacker.

Together, the trio met up at Asakusa bath house Hi no Deyu, where they put on a gaudy display of their love of exercising for fans.



Of course, they also showed the importance of a thorough scrub down while flexing their muscles.


The event was once again facilitated by Akira Takatoriya (@Shams_Qamar_JP), the first Japanese person to serve as a bodybuilding contest judge in the Middle East.

Aside from pleasing their fans with the motto of "muscles will save the world" as a means of entertainment in some trying times, it really looks like the group had a lot of fun splishing, splashing, and getting their workout on!

Be sure to keep up to date on more information about upcoming All Out events and projects by following their website. You can also follow the group and their daily bodybuilding activities on their official Twitter account (@ALLOUT_smile).

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If the ladies did that, it would be terrible.

What gives?

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This is what “muscular” is in japan...?

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This is what “muscular” is in japan...?

beat me to it

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Inappropriate sexulaization of men!

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Their company name is "ALL OUT".

I know this is a family publication, but if you pay extra, will they give you the Full Monty?

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Now I want the same picture, but taken with females.

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Some "machitos men" ofenden in their masculinity by seeing this.. LOOOOOOL !!..

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