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Japanese Princess Kako-brand diapers to go on sale in China, without permission of course

By SoraNews24

Japan has been experiencing a bit of royal-fever these days, what with the impending abdication of Emperor Akihito and peripheral family member Princess Ayako renouncing her own royal status to marry a commoner. Then we have Akihito’s granddaughter, the young Princess Kako, who has just returned to Japan after studying at University of Leeds in the UK for nine months.

Apparently some of this interest in the imperial family has rubbed off on the neighboring country of China as well. As a result, a diaper manufacturer in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province has decided to cash in on this interest by claiming the trademarks for “Princess” and “Princess Kako,” and didn’t let the fact that it was for use on their urine-absorbing pants stop them.

As a general rule, using a foreign country’s highest symbol of unity as a mascot for the containment and disposal of poo will likely draw the scorn of said country. Sure enough, Japanese netizens were none too pleased.

“That’s awful.”

“Aren’t wars usually started over things like this?”

“This is really about as insulting as it can get.”

“Let’s get rolling on some Xi Jinping diapers.”

“Alright, how about they pay Princess royalties? Of course they won’t.”

“How can they even do that? Oh right, it’s in China.”

“In civilized countries, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in the first place.”

It’s hard to find the rational link making a 23-year-old childless women the perfect representative for children’s diapers, so Japan’s News Post Seven reached out to the diaper manufacturer to ask the question on everyone’s mind: What the hell?

Here’s their response:

“Princess Kako is certainly a trademark acquired by us. We are planning to sell disposable diapers for children with this trademark soon. Children are princes and princesses to their parents, so we first registered the name ‘Princess’ and then ‘Princess Kako.’

Japan has a positive image because of its high safety and quality. We think that the name of Princess Kako is perfect for our product. There is no intention to insult the Japanese imperial family.”

Their story does check out. A few years back, Japan was flooded with Chinese profit-seekers coming over and buying as many diapers as possible for the purpose of reselling them back home. It got to the point that Japanese manufacturers couldn’t keep up and store shelves across the country were wiped clean.

And then in China there was the appearance of Meiso (also known as Miniso), the “Japanese” store selling all “Japanese” goods. It was very popular despite none of it actually being Japanese. Clearly, Japan’s reputation alone is a powerful marketing tool, especially for a hot ticket item like diapers.

So it’s fair to say that this is just a case of an overzealous business which perhaps wasn’t taking the time to look at the big picture in the pursuit of profits. In all likelihood the Chinese and Japanese governments ought to be able to handle a situation like this easily and diplomatically, which is good, because I heard China just got laser guns.

Sources: News Post Seven, Itai News

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Shameless, but yeah it's china so...

7 ( +9 / -2 )

No ill intent, but obviously poorly thought out.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Legally, China have to abide international law on intellectual property. Since they are using japan and Princess Kako image du sell their product half of the benefit is for Japan. She will be rich. Deshonored but richer than ever.

Of course, they have no rights to use the brand outside China either. You can only use the image of dead people freely if the descendants have no policy on them.

Technically, this is the duty of the emperor or the princess's father to ask for the prime minister to take care through diplomacy channel of the china problem.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Pretty rude to involve the Princess in this without permission. But China doesn't play by international norms.

And selling counterfeit goods as "Japanese" is just like another fake Rolex.

I would think Xi Jinping toilet paper in Japan would be the best response. You can have Xi Jinping thoughts every time you wipe your bum.

Since it's Japanese I'm sure the Chinese tourists would love to pick up a few rolls......

9 ( +9 / -0 )

Absolutely so disrespectful it makes China my last 'next' destination for a visit to Asia. Sick.

6 ( +6 / -0 )

Hmmm... I wonder about the average Chinese consumer. They see a Japanese name on a product and no questions or research (in this case, simply take a look at where it's manufactured) and purchase it. Are they that easily fooled? If it's true that all one needs is a Japanese name on a product for it to be flying off the shelves, I think I better think of some things to create and market especially for the Chinese market.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

What do you expect from China? They have little insight when it comes to cultural differences.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

More like "Princess Caca diapers".

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Wow news like this really provoke some anti-Chinese sentiments, does anyone really know whether these diapers exist in China? There are no photos of the product but anyway using the Princesses name on is not a way to go, its a few Chinese who are senseless that shames the majority.

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

Do they really think China cares about copyright laws? China has had entire counterfeit Apple stores. The employees didn't even know it was a fake store.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

‘Princess Kako is certainly a trademark acquired by us.’

They’ll stop at nothing....various companies in China have gotten trademarks in China for the names of different Japanese cities, things like the words ‘Sanuki Udon’ and other food names so they can slap labels on Chinese-made products. It’s rather a different way of thinking...

2 ( +2 / -0 )

I can't wait for President Xi toilet paper or Xi sanitary napkins or Xi tampons.

Xi toilet bowls or Xi urine bags.

Stupid, disgusting china-nese.

1 ( +4 / -3 )

 It’s rather a different way of thinking...

Japanese companies have done similar for years. Anything to give the illusion of more status helps sales. Why do Japanese wine companies use french sounding names or cosmetic companies give domestically marketed lines English names? A princess on a diaper is a bit too much but this faux rage is OTT.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

"Why do Japanese wine companies use french sounding names or cosmetic companies give domestically marketed lines English names?"

French names such as:





Sounds Japanese to me.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

French names such as:Shiseido, Kao, Kose, POLA.

Sounds Japanese to me.

very obtuse sampling you have there.

Regarding POLA, how about this?

It's all degrees of imperfection.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Back on topic please.

I'd be honored if they name some product after me, whether it be for something cute as baby diapers or something less flattering like condoms... It's just a name, who cares?

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

As long as they didn't refer to the actual person anyone could be "Princess Kako" isn't trademarked. Just imagine what Prince Albert thinks of the use of his name!

2 ( +3 / -1 )

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