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Image: Mizuno Training Goods

Japanese sports company Mizuno releases stylish furniture which doubles as training equipment

By Ingrid Tsai, SoraNews24

Depending on your living space and your schedule, getting an adequate amount of exercise can be pretty difficult, not to mention expensive if you want larger exercise equipment such as a treadmill. However, thanks to a new line of goods released by Japanese sports equipment company Mizuno, folks can now purchase workout goods which function as chic furniture.

The Mizuno Healthy Interior line offers a diverse array of furniture, from stools to even ottomans. While at first glance, these minimalistic products look like stylish pieces of furniture, in reality, they’re each incorporated with a special feature that enables a wide variety of workouts.

For example, the Le Coeur is both a coffee table as well as a way to limber up your shoulder muscles. When not in use, it’s a fashionable, minimalistic piece where you can leave your favorite cup of tea while reading your favorite book. However, when it’s time to get those gains, folks can use the knobs on the wooden turntable atop the Le Coeur for basic shoulder exercises and stretches.

▼ The Le Coeur available at 19,800 yen


▼ Don’t forget to stretch before exercising.


If you want to continue exercising your arms after the Le Coeur, there’s also the Ballretch and the Ringretch. The Ballretch are a set of weights disguised as cushions. Each weighing 500 grams, or roughly 18 ounces, and priced at 3,080 yen, the Ballretch is a multifunctional weight which can be used to tone your shoulders, back, and arms.

Similar to the Ballretch is the Ringretch, which looks more like a comfy chair cushion than anything workout-related. However, inside the Ringretch is actually an exercise ring, which allows for plenty of strength-resistance training. Alternatively, you can also use the Ringretch between your knees to exercise your thigh muscles.

▼ The Ringretch costs 6,578 yen


For those who seek to tone their stomach instead, the Mizuno Healthier Interior line also has the Abs Pulule, available for 8,140 yen. The Abs Pulule can be used as a seat cushion, but its main workout purpose is to provide a secure sitting base for folks to flex their core muscles. Packed in urethane foam, the Abs Pulule is also great for reinforcing your sacrum, or the back of your pelvis.



Another seat offered in the novel furniture lineup is the Les Plie Squat. Compared to the Abs Pulule, the Les Plie Squat is more pricey at 15,180 yen and seems like your typical office stool, but its exercise function is to help with squats. The Les Plie Squat’s central bar works like a pump, moving up and down depending on the amount of pressure placed on it, giving the opportunity for resistance training. Squats can also sometimes be a little tough on the back, and with the Les Plie Squat, you can get some cushion support while still working your glutes.


Last but certainly not least, folks who want to work on their legs get the option of Le Moignon. Moonlighting as an ottoman, the Le Moignon has three exercise options. You can either lift it up as a weight with your feet to work out your calves, slip your feet into its resistant band on the sides and pull to exercise your thigh muscles, or even make your toes more limber by flexing them against the resistant band.

▼ Your entire leg workout for just 9,790 yen


With a minimalistic design and providing different ways to workout, Mizuno Healthy Interior’s new furniture line is a great addition to any apartment and/or exercise routine. You can purchase furniture pieces from Mizuno’s online shop here. And if your home is leaning more towards a kawaii aesthetic, the same company’s got you covered with Rilakkuma-themed cushion-weights.

Source: Mizuno Training Goods

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All costly, yet the designs and functionality are nice to fit almost any decor. (Wow. Even we got caught up in the newsvertsing here!) Will look into a couple of the items.

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In addition, mature males should take special care not to injure their sacrum when the sit.

“The Abs Pulule is also great for reinforcing your sacrum, or the back of your pelvis.” -

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