Japanese women list the worst gifts they ever received from boyfriends


Sometimes, the best advice is based on what you shouldn’t do rather than what you should. After all, oftentimes there is only one totally correct way to handle a situation, but there are varying degrees of wrong ways.

Case in point: Buying a gift for your girlfriend. Your girlfriend probably has something very specific in mind and, while it’s not a total disaster if you don’t get the exact right thing, getting her something totally off base can put a serious dampener on the relationship.

So guys, break out your notepads and listen carefully. Japan’s Naver Matome has compiled a list of the very worst gifts Japanese women have received from their boyfriends. It’s safe to say you should strike all of these off your gift shopping list immediately:

Accessories that don’t match any of her clothes

It’s not that hard to take a look at her wardrobe in advance, fellas. Actually understanding which accessories match those clothes? You’re on your own there.

Clothes that aren’t her style/size

Again, a quick peek at her clothes will tell you where she likes to shop and, just as importantly, what size she is. Don’t just eyeball it; getting her clothes that are way too big is the best way to ensure you will never see her naked again.

Frog earrings

Animal earrings are the all-seasons equivalent to ugly reindeer sweaters. You should avoid them. Even if you think frogs are cool.

A box of tissues

Some guy actually got his girlfriend a box of tissues for White Day (when men give gifts in return following Valentine’s Day). Take our advice: if you realize last-second you forgot about a special date, just fess up. A box of tissues is like saying, “I remembered our anniversary, and I think this is all you deserve.”

An original drawing

Unless you’re a legitimate artist and you’re willing to draw her like one of your French girls, don’t even think about it.

An original poem (complete with crappy drawings)

Poems are also a bad idea. Someone will find it in the dumpster a few hours later and it might end up on the Internet.

A miniature of his favorite motorcycle/a Gundam model

The guys that got these gifts will probably never have to worry about gift shopping for a woman again.

A weight scale

Do we need to explain why this is a dumb idea?

Breast enlargement drinks

Putting aside that these are almost certainly a scam product anyway, it really sends the wrong message. Personally, we think breasts of any size are one of nature’s greatest miracles (ladies…).

A room air freshener

Getting a significant other an air freshener without expressly being asked to get an air freshener is like giving that random guy on the train with bad breath a stick of gum for “no reason.”

A novelty good he found on the floor at his office

Just say no to stolen novelty goods.

Source: Naver Matome

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I couldn't for a moment ever imagine myself, even in my worse moments, thinking of buying any of the gifts listed above. That said, the wife is atomically precise as to what her "surprise" gift should be and where to buy it.

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I feel bad for the guy who tried to be sweet and write a poem. Sure, it was probably bad, but for a man to try to express his thought in words, that is romantic no matter how much he fails. IMHO. Guess it cannot be shown off as well as a designer bag.

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Those are some pretty bad gift ideas. I once knew a guy who got his girlfriend a hair removal kit. That relationship lasted all of five seconds. I tend to be more quirky gifts, something that is unique to the girl, and earns a laugh and a smile. I like to think outside the box, get something original that also shows I know her. Sometimes a new handbag is just way too predictable.

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My advice to guys is DONT GET CAUGHT!! when looking through your girlfriends knicker draw or looking at her little dresses, she might just get the wrong idea. as you could get dumped before you buy her the right/wrong present.

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Box of tissue and weight scale ? I call that EX-boyfriend right away !

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Anyone who feels they didn't get the gift they deserved should get no gift at all.

tl;dr: First-world problems in this thread.

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Accessories that don’t match any of her clothes

Maybe that is because she is not supposed to be wearing any clothes when wearing the accessories. Did you think about that? No you did not!

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Hilarious list!

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I have a long-sleeve T-shirt that I break out every Christmas. Printed on the front is: "Fruit Cake, the gift that keeps on giving."

These so-called "gift-givers" mentioned above remind me of the BF, on vacation, who hastily writes on a post card to his GF: "The scenery is here; wish you were beautiful."

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...anything that's not cold hard cash.

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An original poem (complete with crappy drawings)...L0L!?

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Wow. Basically the message I'm getting here is don't be insincere, unless you do it with money. Yeah, a handmade gift might not be flashy, but he put his heart into it. That doesn't count for anything? Ouch. Best go to Gucci and get a ¥70,000 (or more) bag just to be safe. But, make sure it matches her socks...

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