Joy to the weed! Marijuana legalization comes bearing gifts


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smoke weed everyday :)

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It may be time to go home to Boston....After 17 years here. This plant will never be legal here NEVER!

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Pot is definitely the least harmful of all recreational drugs. That is not to say it is harmless, but it is much less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. Legalisation of pot makes perfect sense although, its use must be monitored and limited. Things like driving, operating machinery or any other activity that requires concentration while under the influence of pot must be strictly controlled and carry penalties for breeches. I've smoked my fair share of it over the years and will most likely smoke it again in the right situation. However, it is a recreational drug, it is not a lifestyle choice. That is where the problems begin.

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Pot is definitely the least harmful of all recreational drugs.

Actually, magic mushrooms are less toxic than marijuana. But I agree with the rest of your post.

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Cool article.

In Japan there is no movement for legalization at all, you go directly to jail, so, not really relevant.

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Gift-giving has long been a part of marijuana culture

Hmm. Stretching things a bit here.

Others plan to give marijuana-infused baked goods or even decorations made of pot plants.

And a partridge in a pot plant.

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