Keep kitty cool this summer with a cooling pot

By Oona McGee

It’s not easy being covered in fur. Especially when you have to endure the stifling heat of a Japanese summer. Now hot kitties are sure to get some respite, thanks to a new product that’s already selling out online. While it may look like an everyday bowl, this is actually a whole lot more, with a special ergonomic design that’s especially effective at supporting and cooling a cat’s body.

The product, called the Hie Hie Arumi Nyanko Nabe (Cooling Aluminium Kitty-Cat Pot) retails for 5,392 yen.

While it looks like a simple bowl, anyone who’s ever owned a cat will know just how much kitty’s eyes will light up upon seeing this. At last, a bowl cats can curl up in, without the fear of getting into trouble.

The curve of the bowl’s interior, combined with its roomy dimensions, is said to be perfect for cats of all sizes.

This item is one of a number of "hinyari" (cooling goods) that fill store shelves in summer. While hinyari goods are usually designed for people, to help them sleep and otherwise cope with the long summer days, it’s great to see the concept taking shape in the pet world too.

Source: ITmedia Inc

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We don't have a cat but my dog loved his special "doggy-ice-non" pillows !

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Great! A good way to keep cool in the hot humid summer. How about something to keep warm in winter? Unlike dogs, cats are especially averse to the chilly winter cold.

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I had a cat when I was a kid. I remember it jumped into the water and got itself wet when it got too hot and also lay down on the ceramic tiles floor during those days.

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I have a 500 yen aluminium salad bowl that has the same effect. My cat loves it in summer. Would someone really be gullible enough to spend over 5,000 yen for that?

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"Would someone really be gullible eough to spend over 5,000 yen for that?

You wouldn't believe how many people there are. The same people who spend tons of money on pet grooming, pet clothing, etc.

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