Kids today: They don't work summer jobs the way they used to


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I don't have a problem with working or not working. What I think is important is how those three during summer vacation are used. Your personal situation will dictate what is best. When I was in school, there were not a lot of extra curricular activities where I lived. In addition, my parents would cut us all off at 16, so beyond a roof over our heads and something to eat and drink, we had to provide everything extra for ourselves. My summers provide income for clothes, lunch money, and hanging out with friends. I also had a part-time during the school year. Later, I bought my first car at eighteen like my older sister did when she was seventeen.

However, if your family has the luxury of traveling and spending time together because you have only a few times t be together throughout the year, then I am for that too.

Nowadays, kids just have so many more options. They have access to more information, so there are lot of choices available in addition to working. They are sorts of programs to learn skills, volunteer, competition, or just a lot of fun ways to hang out with friends.

Yeah, I learned certain life skills early on from working at an early age, and it kept me out of trouble, but I would have like to have the choice to try some of the opportunities that young people have these days.

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Japanese school students are doing summer classes at school, as well as club activities, almost every day, while uni kids are working temp jobs. And there was a headline article on JT about some sport in the US, the other day. Catering to those who are in Japan but don't care to learn about the country they are in?

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I think a summer of manual labour is a good way for young people to learn the value of money. I worked in places such as a double glazing factory, a bakery, a photo developer, a petrol station and a supermarket. All quite tedious (although some of the photos people sent in to be printed attracted much attention), but provided much-needed funds for beer and other important expenditure.

Of course, in Japan it seems that every young person spends the entire summer studying or doing their club activities from 6 am to midnight every single day.

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Some kids these days are lazy. Others work, but still live at home with mom and dad. Some of those are in dire situations, but a lot simply mooch off their parents. Others are academic. However volunteering should not be used to gain something later. It should be because you want to help.

But if you need a job, join the military. Any branch. It does not matter. They pay your way, you can get college money, home loans, study while serving, your immediate family is well taken care of and even if you die they get paid from you doing your duty. And you can retire much quicker than most other jobs. 

Especially these days they take just about anyone. It makes you grow up, gives you pride, allows you to stand up on your own two feet and if you are smart (I was not) you can save lots of money and when you get out have quite a bit of cash.

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