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Image: Inn By The Sea Kamakura

Kimono-clad dog attends traditional Japanese wedding and upstages everyone

By Jess, grape Japan

At a Japanese Shinto wedding, most eyes would be on the beautiful ceremony and the gorgeous traditional clothes worn by the participants.

But according to Twitter account Kamakura By The Sea, something even more attention-grabbing than the ceremony could be seen among the guests.

This lovely dog wearing an adorable dog-sized kimono and sitting politely became one of the stars of the show.

Doesn’t she know that the first rule of wedding attendance is to not upstage the happy couple?

Luckily no one could ever be mad at a dog, never mind an impeccably dressed one.

The Twitter account is managed by the innkeepers of By The Sea Kamakura, a lodging in the seaside town Kamakura just outside of Tokyo.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Kamakura this summer, check out their website. But remember to brush up on the town’s rules relating to eating on the go first!

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90% of dog are far better tan having kids LUL

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Better for those who don't want to have kids.

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@Euro Dude This was it.

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Well, talk about a new level of idiotic.

Cheery, aren't we?

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Just have a child already

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Well, talk about a new level of idiotic.

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