Lame applicant pool plagues Don Quijote

By Mac Denny

Part of the fun of visiting Don Quijote discount superstores is the vastly diverse clientele swarming the narrow aisles. People from all walks of life sort through the unique, chintzy merchandise and add a distinct flavor to the atmosphere inside the gaudy stores.

An atmosphere that Don Quijote apparently does not want to see behind the counter. The retail giant has put out an urgent call for “plain, normal people” on its online job postings after struggling to find even these very average folks in their latest round of recruiting in Tokyo.

In a frustrated cry for help, Don Quijote posted reasons why previous applicants had failed to measure up to its expectations on FromAnavi (the post has since been removed). Some applicants for the position of cashier were turned away because they turned in resumes containing only their names or "purikura" photo booth pictures of themselves. Others appeared at their interviews with mohawks, or showed up two hours late and greeted their interviewers with “Wassup?”

Perhaps the most disappointing report was of applicants who wrote that the reason they applied was to kill time.

Don Quijote has now specified that it is looking for “nothing fancy. No experience necessary, but no weirdos!”

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Interesting follow-up article after reading about all the "normal, no experience housewives" who cant find work.

I dont think they would give little-old-me a job there but if I were Japanese I think it would be a cool place to work.

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I always found Don Quijote to be one of the strangest, entertaining and enjoyable, retail experiences (especially when I was drunk) There is no other depato like it in Japan. Open at all hours, selling everything you could imagine. The store in Akihabara hosted lip synching girl bands and crowds of otaku. So what kind of employees do they expect to attract?

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Not a good work environment for the claustrophobic. I'd be constantly thinking about being smothered under avalanches of cheap snacks or camping supplies. Are DQs so perilously packed with stuff because there is no storage space--everything goes directly from the truck to the shelves--kind of like Toyota's parts supply theory?

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Is this even a verified story? Parts of it sound true but others say it's a phoney that hasn't even been verified. What journalism is this basing an entire story on a webforum post that has been removed?

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If you enjoy shopping for cheap stuff in cramped noisey surroundings, you'll love this place.

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What's the Japanese for "Wassup"? I can't believe an applicant wrote "himatsubushi" in reason for applying. I CAN believe some applicants thought it would be hilarious to send in a purika photo.

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Normal people don't want to work there because normal people have sense enough not to work in the middle of a tinder box for minimum wage.

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This is a huge problem all over this country. People haven't been taught to actually think for themselves about what is right and wrong. Many students have to go to "job interview training" because they are useless with thinking about how to do this on their own. The unis make more money off of this, the kids learn to follow the script and the companies complain about the quality. I tried last year to teach my kids how to write English resumes (many study abroad) and they couldn't even follow a sample resume to copy. (Different fonts, different font size, spelling errors...) If these are the "smart" kids from good families that can afford uni, god help us all with those that don't get these opportunities.

Many of these housewives don't have a clue on how to work - computer skills? Zip. Answering phone manners? Nope. Typing? Hahahaa! Nope. Unis/tandais don't teach this stuff and marriage doesn't mean you know to do it. Perhaps if mummy had taught them something when they were kids...

Every hiring season companies complain - and so do coworkers - as the newbies are clueless and useless. I see it in my students ever damn year regardless of what year they are in - uni students that is! They can't take notes, don't get that rocking up late is not okay, think nothing of chatting to their friend when they;re done something but others aren't... No one has taught them any better.

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tmarie, that isn't just a problem here in Japan. It happens all over the world.

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Donki is definitely the place to go when slighlty drunk... I bought the most interesting, useless stuff this way at Donki,,, I don't have any problem with staff fancying mohawks and afro hair cuts... Sending a resume with purikura? That person thinks out of the box and has both balls and creativity - should be hired by a place like Donki IMHO..

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Not everything is cheap there at all. Lots of stuff under lock and key. Wasn't there a lady a couple of years ago burning these places down?

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A friend of mine got a job at a well-known eikaiwa school after an interview in which he explained that he was an alcoholic and needed something to do in the evenings to keep him off the sauce. Don't know if they were desperate or what. Wonder if that line would work in this case?

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What's the Japanese for "Wassup"?

You mean it isn't like in the Budweiser beer commercial where the sushi chefs reply "WASABI!" to the customer's "Wassup!"?

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unfortunately, don quijote is not a "normal place." A place that cells plushies of breasts and other perverted toys alongside eccentric shirts and hats does not attract normal people.

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It happens all over the world.

What's your point? And sure it may be happening all over the world but I don't live all over the world. I live here.

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T>What's the Japanese for "Wassup"?


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What's the Japanese for "Wassup"?


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What are "plushies of breasts"?

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"the reason they applied was to kill time"


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