Legal marijuana industry tries to shake 'stoner' stereotypes


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America definitely leading the way here. The chance of Japan following this century are near zero.

Luckily I have a secret stash growing the hills where no one will ever go but monkeys and bears.

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The 'tude abides...

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Will it ever be legal in Japan?

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I’m afraid ‘stoner’ image is here to stay. If you compare the history of tobacco and pot the scenarios are very different. During the 50’s to 70’s smoking cigarettes was cool and many adverts promoted it as such. However, during that time smoking pot was an only for outlaws and hippies. This image is stuck. On the other hand, society no longer believes smoking cigarettes is cool and they are condemned for their cancerous properties, but it’s highky unlikely we will ever see the same turn around in image for smoking pit.

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It seems japan has taken the other route and going hard to demonize this overseas menace. Everything you see on TV here ( and yes, the commercial stations go out of their way to maintain an extremely negative image ) it’s pretty obvious who is pulling the strings. Think 1930s Reefer Madness and that is where they are at, still towing the aged and disproven propaganda line. Pity, cause a lot of old people and sick people could benifit from the new science backed treatment alternatives. Guess those suffering will have to keep on suffering.

Far out man.

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Nice picture. How long has she been in that position?

Anyway, I support medical marijuana, which has no THC and solves medical problems that other drugs do not, and I think throwing potheads (the ones who have enough sense to stay off the roads) in jail just costs money and has no benefit. But really, weed users move slowly, and talk about really stupid stuff, though THEY think it’s rocket science. With rare exceptions, the stoner image fits.

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It's wise to observe the 'illegal' becomes legal, only when legit big business gets involved and finds a wandering herd. Looking at Amerika; bars that held amateur 'Fight Club' nights (at the height of that films commercial impact), were quickly outlawed. That was then; Now that high dollar sponsorship (most alcoholic in nature) is involved, that same psychopathic bipolar behavioral trait is exploited (mma), and fed to a that same herd of sheep willing to pay the cost. And as with most Amerikan diversity issues, those with no desire to participate will be mandated to accept their behavior.

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Whether in a suit or hippy garb, a stoner is a stoner. They all have one thing in common: they're wasted and their perception of reality is skewed.

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