Less formal, more comfortable: Pandemic transforms work attire

By Thomas URBAIN

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Japan = Suits

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No more cheap black suits I hope.

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What I am hoping is that working remotely continues after this pandemic ends. When I attend zoom meetings, I just put on my blazer over my house clothes and call it good. I love wearing suits but moving around in them and wearing them during summer is just a bad idea.

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Suits are ridiculous, I hate wearing them and am extremely grateful I'm not required to in the office.

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They didn't have a man in his boxer short with a blazer on!

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I have literally spent zip on clothes this year. I now just wear tennis shoes, jeans or shorts and t-shirts or simple button down shirts. Wow!

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I saw someone wearing just their socks when they walked through to get something from another department

That seems far from a "relaxed vibe", at least for those looking on.

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Reckless ..Hmm , think I would rather wear a nice, not cheap, suit .

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