Lockdown or lock-in? Fears of alcoholism, addiction in confinement

By Stéphane ORJOLLET

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Some countries have taken drastic measures to avoid such abuse. South Africa will ban the sale of alcohol during its containment period from Friday, while Hong Kong has warned restaurants and bars to stop serving it.

Yikes! That would suck.

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@Zichi...not many for cigs and alcohol in Kanagawa anymore and you need to get a special card.

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I like a drink but knocking your body around with hangovers should be avoided even more than usual at this time.

I’m still having my usual shot of whisky a night.

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I am very well stocked with good beer just in case.

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We have to scarify the many to save the few.

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If you want to have a strong reason to lay off the booze for the time being, just know that being drunk lowers your immune system, making you more vulnerable. Let's have a worldwide nomikai when this is all over.

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On JT, we may disagree on a lot (and you keep down voting me), but at least we are in agreement regarding having a wee tipple now and again.

Just got some good Scotch from the supermarket on special.

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After ordering the closure of pubs and clubs in the UK, the government added off- licences to the list of essential businesses. Common sense.

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Just a problem now?

Shares in Ito-en anyone?

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There's meditation and hypnosis meditations by the dozens online. Why not give those a try?

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With more than three billion people around the world living under lockdown

None of them in Japan. People are highly expendable here.

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We’re going to have so many mental problems at the end of this tunnel. I just hope the following tunnel is not nearby.

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