London takes aim at public peeing with splash-back paint


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More public toilets.

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Or build more public toilets...

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Practical solution even if it appears to be easy to avoid the consequences, it would have been much better to put an end to the practice with much more permanent and effective solutions involving better access to public toiles, education, etc. But I guess a layer of paint is easier, faster and cheaper...

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But I do wonder if SOHO is an abbreviation of a longer name.

It's not entirely clear, but it's thought to be an old hunting call (similar to tally-ho). There are other theories.

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Re-open the public lavatories. Those temporary urinals are for men only, there is zero provision for women in Soho once you leave a pub or restaurant. They also need to get rid of the mass of outdoor tables that came in during Covid, noisy and they block pavements too, if you put the bar/restaurant in the street people will use the streets as a loo too.

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I have heard of this place but never Ibeen, I mean, why would I? But I do wonder if SOHO is an abbreviation of a longer name. There must be some history to it being called that.

Soho gets it's name from Hare hunting when the area was once fields. For fox hunting the bugler shouts "Tallyho". For Hare hunting the bugler shouts "Soho".

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new headline "Suddenly all the foliage in Soho is dying"

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One shop in my city (in Japan) started posting pictures of the offenders (taken from CCTV cams) so anyone in the street could see who peed there - a regular rogues gallery of shame.

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Pioneer in policy, that's for sure!

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Outright disgusting aspect of this society.

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Dirty decadent city..

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