Lost to mountain, Japanese internee's remains return home to California


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A touching story.

Maybe Japan should excavate the Sado Mines and return the remains of the POW's entombed there.

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A point of clarity, the Sierra Nevada mountain range is part of California, so Mr. Matsumura's remains were not returned to California, although they were indeed relocated.

We have relatives who were in Manzanar for a while during World War II. By 1943 Japanese-Americans were encouraged to leave the camps, if they were willing to live away from the West Coast. In hindsight, an unnecessary precaution. Growing up, I met a lot of people who had a vitriolic hatred for Japanese, so that is something to consider. We also had a relative who was in the 442nd Regiment, the most highly decorated US Army Regiment in the history of the US. Other relatives chose to be repatriated back to Japan. History is never simple.

We also had relatives and friends who were in the Nazi death camps, which helps put the difference between the American and Nazi camps into perspective.

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@ 1glenn, Among their many decorations the 442nd earned 21 Congressional Medal's of Honor.

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If shame were a fuel, America would be energy independent for the next millenium...

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