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Male-minded safety puts female drivers at risk: study


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It's very interesting how cars safety features are designed with men in mind. I didn't know that the risk for women was high but I guess that there must be a little difference because of bone structure. But to me, 47% seems a bit exaggerated. It will be interesting to see if one day we could all have seats customly made for our own driving needs to lessen the risks of serious injury...however I think that it will never actually happen (except for luxery cars).

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Where does being obese come into this study? Huge people might sustain much less injury on impact due to spreading out the surface area.

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So its got more to do with peoples SIZE than Gender ; so the title is misleading. And if women are so much more adversely effected by incidents I think the insurance companies would have picked up on it by now.

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Oh wow. This makes car designers sound sexist. O.o But the last part of the article has nothing to do with the title.

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Compare to 20-30 years ago, all major auto manufacturer made substantial progess in safety. The body is more rigid, less rollover, ABS and disc brakes, air bags, wider tires, etc. On the average, men are generally taller and heavier, and most interior car designs are made for the comfort of the average male or tall female.

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