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Man offers to ride Yamanote line, decked out in ads for an entire day


Would you buy a product that was advertised on a man’s crotch?

A few companies in Japan think you would. Currently on Yahoo Japan’s auction site, a man is offering to ride Tokyo' Yamanote line, one of Japan’s busiest train routes, decked out in advertisements for an entire day. His unique service has already received 20 bids.

He even has labels (pieces of crumpled paper taped to his form-fitting body suit) to showcase the wide range of prime advertising real estate he has to offer. What kind of ad would you reserve for the “header banner” or how about the “hip banner” conveniently located on this guy’s bum?

His offer is valid starting on Sept 23 and for each day of advertising purchased, this human billboard will ride the Yamanote line from the first until the last train. “The human advertisement” as he calls himself, was found riding the train line training his legs and back in preparation for the 20 hours of continuous standing that is required for this ingenious moneymaking scheme.

The auction started with an opening bid of 2,500 yen and has shot up to 21,000 yen.

When a hanging poster advertisement in the train costs at least 100,000 yen per day, the human advertisement seems like a pretty good deal. Let’s just hope his advertising agreement allows him to take a bathroom break.

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Good work if you can get it. Although I'm sure a nice looking, well endowed, young female will fetch a much higher price for strategically placed ads.

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When a hanging poster advertisement in the train costs at least 100,000 yen per day

Holy hell I'm in the wrong business! So that works out at what? 8 - 10 million per train per day? And that's not including the fixed ads on the sides. I'd love to know the total income made per year for these ad's.

As for the guy involved He would have done better to have offered fixed hours like 7 - 10 am and 4 - 7 pm and maybe later on Friday nights. Because 21,000 for 20 hour day is not that much higher than a fast food worker.

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Years ago I had a Japan Rail Pass and spent the day going in circles on the Yamanote line. Great people watching.

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Watch JR make a rule not to allow this

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Is this really different from the sandwich board guys who infest the streets of so many major cities?

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Silly and annoying. If he gets in too many peoples way, he'll need to get ad space on the soles of his feet.

Watch JR make a rule not to allow this

I hope they do. They allow access to trains so people can ride on them. Not so they can do business on them. Any advertisement inside the trains comes at a price, because they're using the train as an advertising board. If this idiot is allowed to do this, it'll open it up for all kids of similar idiots who don't want to get a proper job, and just end up getting in the way of people who want to use the train for transport.

If this idiot is allowed to get on the train during rush hour, and take up the space that should be available for real passengers, I hope someone takes it upon themselves to throw him off onto the platform.

Is this really different from the sandwich board guys who infest the streets of so many major cities?

Yes. Are the streets as crowded at trains are during rush hour? Do you pay to use a street when you walk on it?

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Exactly what I first thought too. If it's not covered by some general train behaviour rule, then there will soon be a specific one about customers advertising.

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i think they took down his auction, the link no longer works :)

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People already are decked out in ads. Count the logos and brands visible on people next time you're out.

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He will be worthless during the rush hours.

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This is too dumb.

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This will quickly be outlawed, and for a number of reasons. 1) it could take away revenue that the train lines would get from advertising if companies opted to go with people like this man instead of putting up posters. 2) If the guy is never getting off the trains then he is not buying the tickets to go back and forth, unless he has some kind of 'nori-houdai' train pass.

Good idea to make a quick buck, but I doubt he'll be allowed to do what he wants all day on said trains.

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"When a hanging poster advertisement in the train costs at least 100,000 yen per day"

Maybe next will be English conversation schools getting gaijin to stand on trains wearing logos on caps and jackets.

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Completely agree with Probie. Stupid and annoying.

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The ads won't last through rush hour.

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Amazing! Very clever! This man is very imaginative and courageous.(-)

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Pretty soon, English teachers will be forced to be walking advertisements for their schools without extra pay.

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