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Man vs shark: Australia's battle for the deep


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Battle? There is no battle. Don't want to get attacked, stay out of the water. Sharks don't come to my house and bother me so why on earth would it be a battle if we bother them? Totally blown out of proportion considering the number of attacks and the number of people in the water.

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Walk down the middle of the motorway at night and get hit by a car and blame the car would be the same as what happened here, do it knowing the risks or dont do it because it can be dangerous. Cant blame fish for being fish.

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I surf and not scared at all! why would a shark want to bite little cute me? :-)

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I really like this general trend of shark attack victims not holding a grudge. It shows that the unwarranted fear is ebbing.

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Draconalis, those most likely to be bitten by sharks are those most educated about the ocean, and thus those most able to forgive. Its the landlubbers who are hysterical.

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if we would stop overfishing the sea maybe the sharks would stay in deep water

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Well, the sharks are going to win in the end. The amount of shark killing going on is seriously going to mess up the ecosystem and create other problems.

I love all these thumbs down I am getting on all my posts. Some folks need to get a life!

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Ok, I'm a surfer that lives on the West Coast of Australia - and one of those guys killed in the West last year was killed at one of my favourite surf spots. Another was killed at my local beach. There is certainly more sharks around of late, and there is a simple explanation for it within the surfing community. The whale stocks that migrate past here in our spring and Autumn have increaced tremendously in recent times and the fatal attacks coincide with this season because the sharks follow the whales picking off the sick and young. The number of shark sightings off Perth beaches this summer was staggering. But like this guy, most surfers are very realistic about being attacked by a shark - they understand that surfing is a very moderate calculated risk and if you are unlucky enough to get attacked it's because the shark is just doing what it is designed to do.

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He likened it to feeding a tourist “Vegemite,” ... , “they screw up (their nose) and spit it out and won’t go near it again.”

Hey hey - I tried Vegemite for the first time a few months ago and loved it

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I surf and not scared at all! why would a shark want to bite little cute me? :-)

Same reason J-Xmasers flock to KFC - for the nice legs.

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