Misremembering might actually be a sign your memory is working optimally

By Robert Jacobs

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This is the most interesting article I have read on JT. Ever.

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Yes, excellent article.

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Thank you. I would enjoy seeing more like this.

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Encouraging article for people like myself, whom easily forget what they had for lunch a day ago...

But from my own experience, I agree with the author's conclusions. When I was younger, I could remember lots of things in fairly large detail. Nowadays, I am immersed daily in an ocean of information, so I remember stuff much more vaguely. However and importantly, I've noticed that my mind abstracts the important bits from information junk, and especially work-related, I remember the main point of a certain topic, while forgetting all the details. Which is probably good, even if I wish I could remember more stuff sometimes

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I've forgotten what I came here to say anyway.

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I think it will be only article I will roughly remember from the whole japantoday series.

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How did they establish it was the wife who remembered correctly?

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We need more articles like this on JT. Informative and without an agenda.

Now where did I put my keys...

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