Mixed fortunes of celebrities who leapt on NFT craze

By Yassine KHIRI and Joseph BOYLE

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None of this made much sense to me. I understand it but it's stupid. The rich and the stupid throwing their money away on meta garbage.

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@Speed exactly

NFT we’re told and marketed towards people as the next big thing with all the basic marketing catch phrases possible. But they could never answer the obvious holes in the idea were because they were so dang obvious.

watching all these people try to sell them to normal people through selling them at extreme prices to famous people was a pretty good business move admittedly. But the obvious “but it’s stupid” couldn’t be escaped even if a favorite celeb was touting it.

Seeing all the NFT startups at the mid point of last year makes me feel for those poor IT workers who thought they were on the ground floor of the next big thing

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Same as the above.

Why paying a fortune (or anything for that matters) for something that you can right-click or swipe and download?

Silly rich people...

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Marketing is almost always more important than how good a product actually is. Like Apple. They do make good devices, but are they really worth the premium price tag compared to their competitors?

Politicians are another great example. They are almost never as good as they claim to be during their campaigns.

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The latest fad … until a another mindless come along.

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I think people expect too much wisdom from celebrities that many times are famous because they can do one thing well. In many other parts of their lives they are just the same as common people and make the same mistakes, only in a much more public way.

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NFTs really remind me of the "art" a few years ago of the banana taped to a wall...but at least you could eat that lol

All jokes aside, I don't think they will ever make money because as people have mentioned before, there is no original copy that you can display and charge ticket prices to see. For example, although the Mona Lisa is on everything everywhere, people will still pay and line up to see the original. But with digital art, there is no "original" so you have to create some kind of experience using the art to sell tickets for. These NFTs are not going to age well unless you amass a huge number of them, start a museum, and create something that people can experience and post about on social media.

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Give the money to charity.

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