More people get boating licenses as pandemic buoys marine leisure


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Good. Working from home on a boat. Needs a good location. Most of the boats in our location are for fishing.

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maybe they're thinking to escape by boat.... (^_-)

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A refuge from the crowds is a dream for many, yet attainable by few.

Good for you @zichi 8:28am. (Every day, sounds like you a an enjoying a dream life in Japan.) Other friends living on barges and houseboats claim it can be costly yet they love the isolation and can never return to a ‘grounded’, domestic life amongst the masses.

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Unreachable... I couldn’t even read the test questions to pass, even if I had already a yacht and additional millions at hand. lol

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You can take the written test in English, I did so for both the 2nd and 1st class licenses last year.

You don't need to be a millionaire to buy a nice boat either. There are lots of cheap used boats around. Picked up a beauty for 20 man last month, with 5,000 yen a month for storage on Biwa-ko. Great time of year for sailing.

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Yes used boats can be had cheaply in Japan, but unless you have time to do maintenance yourself and enjoy that sort of thing, they can become money pits due to upkeep costs.

My in laws had a sailboat for over 30 years, so I know the costs here pretty good. But Japan is great for cruising. Small community, local marinas, fresh seafood everywhere, as long as you stay clear of typhoon season not bad weather usually.

I would recommend dinghys as the best way to go. Less maintenance and portable.

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