I recently had a chance to sit in on the first of these new, deeper training sessions, which was attended by over 20 staff members from different residences. Photo: KELLY WETHERILLE

Mori Living staff get deeper level of customer service training

By Kelly Wetherille

Some time ago, I wrote on this blog about the service training that MORI LIVING front desk staffers undertake in order to be able to provide the absolute best for residents. At that time, I was blown away by how thorough and detailed the training was. But now, it has been enhanced even further, with the aim being to provide an even higher level of service to all customers.

I recently had a chance to sit in on the first of these new, deeper training sessions, which was attended by over 20 staff members from different residences. And they weren't all new staff, either - some were in their fifth, eighth, or even fifteenth year with MORI LIVING, and some were even managers. Some of these more experienced members simply wanted a refresher or to update their knowledge and skills, while others wanted to know the kind of training their own staff receives in order to better continue their on-the-job training.

While the level of detail of the training is just as high as it always has been, the biggest difference is that rather than simply teaching staff how to interact with customers, it goes further by explaining why that is the case. This helps the service they provide to become second nature, so they don't even have to think about the things they are doing.

Toward the beginning of the session, the trainer mentioned that MORI LIVING customers fall into five categories: residents and their visitors, delivery people, owners, the surrounding community, and co-workers. So even if you don't live in a MORI LIVING residence, there is a good chance you could still get to experience the wonderful service for which the staff is renowned.

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I wonder if any of these guys would hold an elevator for me for 3 seconds if they had just got off duty.

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Having lived in a Mori building for a long time I can confirm that they are exteremely solicitous and sweet.

As for when off duty, hard to say.  did take one of my receptionists for dinner once, but nothing more cam of it.  She did hold the elevator for me though.......;))

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Thats cool, I dont even know what Mori living is. I’m Japanese myself but lived abroad most of my life. I noticed how polite people are on duty here, but then often would be the complete opposite as soon as they were off such as... seeing you, but hitting shut on the elevator, pretending they couldnt possibly move 3 inches so an elderly could sit etc....

In any case, most people here are quite nice, as are most folks anywhere.

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Single gender jobs.

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