Glove at first sight: The Japanese man obsessed with lost gloves


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or some kind of perverse fetish

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I really don’t want to know what he does with the gloves after taking pictures of them

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Gloves...? With shoes I could understand it much more, because there are so many single ones on the side of the roads, in the middle of it, etc...

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Obsessions are dangerous traits.

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"There are people who cannot simply pass by somebody's tiny misfortune or tragedy, they cannot help picking it up," Ishii said. "Even in Tokyo, even in this mega-city, we still have lots of such small acts of kindness."

He can understand 'small acts of kindness' yet doesn't see the need to do so himself.

I don't understand why he doesn't have a simple website (or Instagram account) where he uploads each photo and the location. That way, if he doesn't want to pick them up, then he's still trying to reunite lost items with owner.

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Reminds me an episode from the Black Mirror-esque 'Inside Number 9' episode, in which a man finds a single lost shoe outside his house and he goes on an increasingly demented quest to find it, leading to an inevitably disturbing consequence.

Recommended to any Black Mirror fans:

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Forget gloves. Discarded white mask is the new glove.

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According to the feature...he eats them. Don't believe me? read the story.

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At least he's not obsessed with Maid Cafes. Maybe.

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