Nappies? No thanks, say most men with few still taking full paternity leave

By Ellen Wulfhorst

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Fewer than half of fathers take all the paternity leave on offer while most men still see changing nappies as a woman's job, according to a report that highlights how the wage gap between men and women starts at home.

And why aren't women more willing to marry, have 2 or more children and work longer hours, without proper daycare facilities, said the older government official who holds these same attitudes. It's a mystery Taro!

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Maybe there’s also the matter than Japanese companies frown upon men taking such leave. It might be policy but some bosses discourage it. Hell, I know some that don’t even take their entitled paid annual leave.

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Interestingly countries in which fathers participate more have much lower fertility. I think the entire world will be African in 50 years with a few small groups of others left over.

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I was amazed at what such little bums can fill a nappy with. I can't say I particularly enjoyed it but it certainly was an eye watering and eye opening experience.

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I did the nappy changes with all three of my children, we used the towel washing type not the disposal ones. You learn to make a special folding so that the middle part is thicker. I was never offended when dealing with it.

I was also present at the birth of all of them. The first was back in the early 1970's and I had a bit of a fight to be present, not so usual then.

 Paternity leave should be taken when available. It's important to make a relationship with the new born and also show your wife/new mother that you care about her too.

I always tried to do the night feeding so that the mother was getting enough recovery time.

Being pregnant and carrying for 9 months and then giving birth is something most guys would never be able to cope with.

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I agree women have a lot of emotional and physical pressure once the baby comes, but for men the financial pressure is also enormous. The unstated expectation to pay everything for 3 or more persons no matter what is happening in the economy.

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Mr cleo didn't take any time off when our two were born apart from the time it took him to get me to the hospital and see them born. I don't recall him changing any nappies, either. But that was back in them days.

My sil is currently part way through a month's paternity leave, helping my daughter look after No4 (including changing nappies) and seeing the other three get off to school etc. Times have certainly changed.

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I've never changed one, and never will. I'll do almost anything else, but there's just so much crap I'll take.

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I'll do almost anything else, but there's just so much crap I'll take.

Sounds like you won't take any...

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Just in case here is an illustration for cloth nappy folding. Your kids will love for it. Don't forget to wash, dry and powder. Check for rashes. Use baby cream.

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