Nearly 8 in 10 Americans believe in angels


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Let's clarify this please.... 70-80% of Americans in general believe in God and Heaven..... contrasting with around 60% or more of Japanese being agnostic/atheist.... despite Shinto/Buddhist roots

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Rachel: I broke Joey's chair.

Chandler: You broke Joey's chair? I thought I broke Joey's chair, that's why I replaced it!

Rachel: Oooh... that's how it got fixed!

Chandler: What, did you think elves fixed it?

Rachel: No... angels!

Ha ha ha ha ha

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I saw one, it was Japanese, nice legs pretty face, came walking in the street, but I didn't stop to talk to her for I don't believe in angels.

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I can't figure out the point of this article.

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Munya, yes, I forgot about that. I have seen many too, and when we enter the love hotel room I find they are fantastic mortals

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Ha, I guess we were wrong to blame baseball players for using steroids. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and the rest were actually getting help from Angels in the Outfield! If MLB wants to even the playing field, ban the Fence Faeries.

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How people can literally believe in child-like beings with wings on their backs is mindboggling and ridiculous.

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Shows just how gulible some people really are doesnt it.

And the only Angles I believe in are the HELLS ANGELS coz they ARE real.

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The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

and how did they figure that? I bet if they took the same poll at a date farther away from X'mas, I bet the numbers would be completely different.

As for the +-4%, I guess an angel told them that.

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America...I am dissapointed.

Unless of course, people use "angels" to describe people who do undescribable amounts of good in the world, like firefighters. In that case, it's fine.

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How people can literally believe in child-like beings with wings on their backs is mindboggling and ridiculous.

Where does it say anything about child-like beings with wings on their backs? I believe in angels, but that is not my interpretation of them.

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