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New cat-friendly homes in Japan come specially designed for felines

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Nobody loves cats quite as much as Japanese brand Felissimo. Over the years they’ve been spoiling felines around the world with amazing products like Buddhist statue-style halo scratchers and crepe omelette kitty beds, but now they’re taking luxury living for cats to a whole other level, by creating homes made especially for fur babies.

Provided in collaboration with Wada Kosan, a company that develops rental condominiums mainly in Hyogo Prefecture, these new cat homes are currently waiting for tenants in the city of Kobe. And because kitties are famously notorious for balking at tasks like cleaning, meal prep and paying the rent, these cat-friendly rental homes are designed for cohabiting human servants to live in too.


From the outside, the new two-story homes look no different to any other house you’d find on a Japanese street, but stepping inside reveals some very unique features.


There are wood-and-glass stands along the walls and ceilings for cats to climb on and survey their human underlings…



Reinforced screens strong enough to handle sharp kitty claws…


Access points in walls to allow kitty unbridled access to all areas of the home…


And because humans have an annoying habit of closing the door when using the toilet, an opening by the side of the toilet door will ensure cat owners never have a chance to escape from kitty’s prying eyes and calls for food and affection ever again.


Kitty will be pleased to know they can have their very own litter box right next to the human toilet, with a cover to lock away foul odours, and a sunken design so stray litter can be easily swept back into the box.


There are specially designed stairs with cosy hiding spots…


And a separate cupboard for storing cat beds for different seasons.


Thinking of everything, the kitchen comes with a lockable window panel, so your catship can receive important updates on how the food prep is going.


According to Felissimo, the new cat homes took two years to develop, with professional architects and cat-owning Felissimo Cat Club members contributing to the design concepts.

▼ The building exteriors are designed to look like the fur of a calico cat.


As a result, four different layouts were created, ranging from 1 bedroom to two bedroom homes, all featuring well-lit sunny interiors so cats can enjoy daily sunbathing.


Felissimo have really outdone themselves by taking into account everything a cat and their human servant would need to live together in perfect harmony.

To apply for one of the cat homes, contact Wada Kosan Rental Division at chintai@wadakohsan.co.jp. Tenants will be rewarded not just with a unique luxury rental home, but a 5,000 yen coupon every month to use on Felissimo products, so you’ll be able to spoil your feline overlord with luxury extras like a cardboard cat bath for the ultimate in feline living.

Source: PR Times

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Seems to have forgotten, or mention, one of the most critical needs of cats if human laps are not available...heat/sun. Cats gravitate to heat, whether basking in the sunlight, laying in front of a fireplace, or finding the warmest spot in a home.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Looks like it was made by a dog person. Having a lid on the litter box? When's the last time you heard someone say that they had to let their cat out to go pee...

0 ( +0 / -0 )

All this fancyness and my cats are happy with a cardboard box...

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Kind of sad when homes are designed for cats instead of for children.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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