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New study finds diverse beliefs in Muslim world


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There is never just one way to interpret ANY religion, and those who disagree don't even study their own religion.

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A median figure of 63% of Muslims in surveyed countries believe there is only one way to interpret Islam.

Pretty much sums up the us vs them attitude.

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Eight of ten people interviewed in sub-Saharan Africa as well as South and Southeast Asia say religion is “very important.”

But only six in 10 agreed in sample countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and only one in two agreed in former Soviet countries like Russia and some Central Asian republics.

What of those in Southeast Asia? Of the muslim Indonesians I know, 100% of them think religion is more important that almost anything.

And what about keeping Halal? I bet these researchers would find a much higher percentage keeping Halal than Kosher or Lent, and that usually will explain whether religion is important to them or not better than any other category. People usually don't lie about the food, but may try to seem less religious in places where religion is not a source of political and economic power.

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Stories such as these should provide links to the original data.

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This is not news to anyone who knows jack about Islam. How about "New study finds Christians differ in their beliefs and practices" YAWN! The only interesting line to me was that American Muslims are more likely to think that there are different interpretations. It's funny to see the Muslim immigrants arrive and come face to face with Muslims of different beliefs and practices. Slowly they are working out an American Islam that will someday work great changes in the world (to quote Crevecoeur from memory).

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