New York start-up aims to leave a mark with ephemeral tattoos

By Thomas URBAIN

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Now Japanese Law enforcement will be able to go undercover and infiltrate organized crime families and put an end to their nefarious deeds once and for all.

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What a great idea. Insecure people can now get to their comfort zone without having to wear their mistake for the rest of their lives after they grow up.

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Maybe after you grow up you'll be able to contribute something worthwhile to a thread instead of leaving infantile comments. I don't have a tattoo and don't want one but some people may not be 100% sure so this is a great solution. As they say ' haters gonna hate.'

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Tattoos have been with us for centuries, and across so maybe cultures. This is an interesting move, but personally, I'm happy with my tats. They're part of me, and have never been an impediment here or elsewhere.

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I think tattoos are about self-expression and art. And I think we're just trying to make it easier for more people to have that experience," she adds.

Well done. Very innovative. The great thing about this is that kids and teens might be able to avail of them, without the (irrational, in my opinion) fear of permanent markings.

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The interesting (to me, at any rate) thing is that tattoos are not just across all cultures, but classes too. Doctors, brickies, mail people, bank managers, refuse collectors and royalty... there really are no barriers.

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I think this is a really cool invention! I've never gotten a tattoo because I always change my mind about what I would get, and worry about how it would look as I age. But this would be a fun way to try out a design before committing to something. I hope they develop more colors soon.

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Sounds as if he might make some money, opens up a big probable market of curious people. As for the probability of cops using this for undercover infiltration, a work around is already in the works to detect temps vs perms, but who cares about that right??? Live decent, and you won't have to worry about that!

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I would never get a tat, ugly as they are, I love being natural the best, if others want to do it, it’s fine, none of my business, but I think they’re just ugly and especially when people get older, no way.

Having said that, this is different, since it’s not permanent I wouldn’t object to it. I might would even try it and if that’s the case for something that’s temporary, why not?

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I would never get a tat, ugly as they are


I might would even try it and if that’s the case for something that’s temporary, why not?

Because you said "never" and "ugly".

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Great idea, awesome

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