Nicotine therapy doesn't help smokers quit: study


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Quit the Easyway. Buy the book and enjoy a lifetime of non-smoking.

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I smoked for 13 years and quit using willpower. I just woke up one morning and threw out my cigarettes. If you can make a decision between what you are going to eat for dinner you make a decision to quit smoking. Easier than one would think.

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The only smoking I ever did was that illegal stuff, but never really liked it, and was happy it was not addicting.

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I used to Smoke, I used my own brain therapy to quit 5 years ago. It works and it's free!

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Just make the decision to quit if you want to quit and do it, be strong tough it out it isnt so hard and in a couple of weeks you're a non smoker. Quite simple.

Quit smoking once i made up my mind to quit and I had been a smoker for over 40 years, now just putting on weight lol.

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