No empty nest: Young U.S. women live with parents like it's 1940


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I do not understand the importance of this.

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I live with my kids like it's 1940.

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“The job market has gotten significantly better (for this group),” Fry says. “Unemployment has come down, more have >jobs and some are even getting paid a bit more.”

Citation needed. The labor force participation rate is at its lowest since the mid-1970's, and while young people might be getting "jobs", they are underemployed: people with bachelors and masters degrees waiting tables or serving coffee at Starbucks.

Sholes is still a few credits shy of graduating but isn’t sure if she will return because her private school was very >expensive and she’s not confident she’ll be able to find a job in the film industry even with a degree.

She is living with her folks while she figures out her next step and has taken a holiday job at the same retail store >she worked when she was 18 to bring in some cash.

Case... in... point! Right in the damn article!

Some links to supporting data:

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