Norway named best place to grow old; Japan 9th


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I'm a little surprised at these results, with all the news about how bad it is for senior citizens in Japan. Years ago I would agree, but not now.

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I think you could substitute 'to grow old' in the title here with 'for pretty much everything'! The results of these surveys always seem basically the same - Scandinavia top, Afghanistan bottom.

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Valid scoring would include a big minus for living in a place that turns icy every year. Then Norway drops below the eternal summer countries.

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These surveys are meaningless, because they basically just look at welfare systems.

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It does not matter where you live to grow old. In the end what matters most is how well did you live or the quality of life and how well did you love. Not how long you live.

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"Norway named best place to grow old"

"An elderly woman makes her way through the snow in Norway"

I think not. Most eldery women and men I know complain how cold it is when it's raining...

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I think Okinawa should top the list. Paradise.

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