NYC wants to put cigarettes out of sight in shops


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At least Mayor Bloomberg and NYC is trying to make a statement that people need to be more healthy as the state now has to pay for rising obesity, cancer and medical costs. Japan is even worse selling cigarettes for cheap on every corner.. and people smoke in restaurants including McDonalds... right next to school children. Shame on you McDonalds.. maybe this is population control.

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My goodness, I didn't know American Spirit had so many types of cigarette out there! In Japan I've only seen 5 of the pretty coloured-packets shown above. Who know you could have so many variations on such a simple theme?

Keep them hidden.

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Freaking tired of Bloomberg

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Kimo is right on the money. The tobacco industry here is Japan's shame.

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While I agree with Bloomberg that smoking and big fake drinks are bad for you, this is not an area I would like the State involved in. Truth in labeling and warnings are enough. People need to make their own choices, even if they are bad ones.

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Yeah, tobacco needs more regulation. They are the sharks of capitalist companies. Keep them out of sight at the reg for impulse buys.

Maria Am Spirit makes several levels of "light" filters, and also uses several different kinds of tobacco for different taste. Thus the numerous packages. Including pure organic (as opposed to their regular ones which are simply additive-free, free of post-production chemicals), and also one or two versions of old Native American"recipes" of tobacco mixed with various herbs and even tree bark. Tastes great actually. I think that's what the purple one in the picture is. For an all-natural, healthy snack.... !

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In the pictures, it's $13-$14 a pack.

Are those American prices?

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I have gave up smoking 1O years ago. You should give up smoking ASAP. Because you know...I never want any pain from various cancers. Keep it in the concealed place for everyone.

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People need to make their own choices, even if they are bad ones.

Now, they're not stopping you buying them at all, are they? You know what brand you want to smoke, you go to the store, you ask for a pack or 2 or 3, or a carton, of the cigs you want, and that's fine isn't it? I mean, you have to ask for them anyway don't you, they're all behind the counter.

I imagine that if this bill were implemented, the shop assistant would have some kind of laminated sheet you can ask to look at, and browse in that way.

I'm a recent ex-smoker myself, and was on American Spirits for several years until I quit - first the yellow pack, then orange, when they became available in Japan. I am impressionable, easily swayed by clever and attractive packaging, and so I know I would have been tempted to buy a couple of the Am. Sp. packs pictured here (I slightly am now). And that's not right.

What Bloomberg is trying to do with this bill is prevent young people from wanting to smoke. Who thinks that he's wrong to do so? And why is it bad to not want people to become addicted to something that has no benefits whatsoever?

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@ irishosaru - yes, they are US $.

I'm surprised that people still want to smoke even with outrageous prices! I'm an ex-smoker (stopped 9 years ago) and am glad I did. I guess price isn't a deterrence... Like Maria said, I think Bloomberg is trying to prevent people from picking up the bad habit. There's nothing wrong with that.

As for Japan, they need to ban smoking at all times in restaurants. That's a start.

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