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Okinawan plant holds promise of elixir of youth

By Antoine Bouthier

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So - eat ghetto, boost your niacin levels and drink red wine and you could live forever! Sounds like a plan :)

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It is their traditional lifestyle which made for long life. Not one particular plant This is the same fallacy as with the so-called "mediterranean diet". Just sprinkling olive oil over your junk food does not make it healthy, and neither does adding gekko plant to it.

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Nah this is how you can live forever. Breakthrough 20/12/13 days ago.

Its makes all the cells talk again. When we get older they brake up & don't talk as much, this new stuff makes the cells talk as again like at 6 months old. It makes a 80 year olds mussels turn back to a 20 year olds mussels.


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This kind of plants will not work so much. We need computer programmers working over DNA to check what is the best way to keep it working in a long run and make a service pack!

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He does if he's 120 years old..

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he dont look that young to me

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This "getto" plant may be the same or very similar to "galangal " , which is called "cu gieng" or "cu rieng" in vietnamese and is used a lots in cooking especially with meat. .But Vietnamese people don't have such longevity like Okinawan.

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THanks, StevenS

Interesting, but... for real? Who knows. The other thing-- everyone wants to be 15 or maybe 25 again, but if everyone starts taking that drug, what will happen to our population??

Still, I think I'd want it.

Until it is available, we will have to rely on the Getto in this article, and red wine, I guess, to keep young.

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The plant, which has large green leaves, red berries and white flowers, has been a feature of Okinawan food for centuries and still grows in the wild.

This is very misleading to say the least. Getto is not used in Okinawan food regularly, not at all. It is pretty much ONLY used for wrapping mochi, and typically only around one time of the year.

Yes the article says that later, however this makes it sound like they use it in more things, they dont.

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I dunno... The dude in the photo looks pretty aged to me.

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Lowly, here's a link: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2013/s3915143.htm

The Australian research is very encouraging.

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I stand by Ginger and Turmeric ("Ukon" in Japan/ Okinawa) as powerful spices with great effects on the body. They are both the same family of plant, so if this "Getto" stuff is related too, I am sure it is all he says it is.

However, while there are some things that are surely stronger than others, and this plant family may be one of the strong ones, really, "good" stuff is in all food, and the most important thing is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, real meats as opposed to processed, and eat them as fresh as possible and if possible in season and locally grown. Unfortunately "organic" is still too expensive to be realistic for all consumers all the time, but fresh and usually local is possible if you focus.

Every year we have another study touting this or that fruit or vegetable as being good for your health, this just goes to show. They're all good in some way or another.

So, Cortes, what's the big secret in Australia??

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Australia has already unlocked the cure for aging...

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I brought back some getto tea from Okinawa a few tears back. Had no idea it was some type of 'miracle' plant but this is good news for me, I guess.

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