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Megumi and Trevor Moss at their office in Tokyo’s Akasaka

One couple's mission to save date night — for themselves and other parents

By Alexandra Hongo

When American-born Trevor and Shiga prefecture-native Megumi met around 15 years ago, they never imagined that life would have them settle down in one of the busiest cities in the world. Now, married for nine years, raising a daughter and running a babysitting business together in Tokyo, the couple looks back. They’ve walked a long road together, and now they’re helping to bring the fun and romance back to date night — for themselves and other busy parents.

After working at a major Japanese company for over 10 years, Megumi had seen enough women quit their jobs after having children or who couldn’t climb the corporate ladder due to family obligations. When she seriously considered having children herself, she began thinking that a major Japanese company wouldn’t be ideal for the work-life balance she hoped for her family. So in 2013, with the help of Trevor, the two established CareFinder, a bilingual babysitter-matching platform that now — with over 1,000 registered users — has grown to become a recognized parental support company with the international community in Japan. The key to success, the two say, is that the company relies on bonds between people: “It’s a community, not an agency.”

Savvy Tokyo visited the couple at their office in Akasaka to learn more about their business and the ins and outs of working together as a married couple.

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30,000 yen sign up, 3000 a month and then 1200 minimum per hour for the sitter? Like the idea but it's uber expensive.

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With an office in Akasaka it would have to be. Pricey rent there!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

It's an Uber Baby sitting service, nothing more. Woopie...now just convince your WIFE, to actually go " Out on the Town" WITHOUT their kid/kids...good LUCK.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

1200/hour for a sitter doesn't sound unreasonable. In my part of the world (Ontario, Canada) that's pretty average. Now the extra fees, of course....

0 ( +0 / -0 )

In a nation where babysitting by teenagers is not the norm, registering for an agency of this type in order to create time for adult to adult activities & relationships is not unreasonable. Not in Tokyo. I assume that the sign up and monthly fees gives some guarantee of getting a sitter. Presumably one that has gone through a selection process and comes with background checks, et cetera. Easier than finding one on your own.

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