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Origami-themed Airbnb apartment opens in Harajuku

By grape Japan

Asobi System's MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON project aims to spread and promote Harajuku's kawaii pop culture throughout the world. It appears that their first attempt to do so through lodging last year with a sakura-themed penthouse Airbnb in the heart of Harajuku was quite the success, as the organization is now adding on a new origami-themed room that looks just as colorful and inviting.


The new MOSHI MOSHI ROOMS: ORIGAMI is much like its cherry blossom counterpart in that it takes a popular and beautiful aspect of Japanese culture, and finds away to naturally fuse it with Harajuku subculture that allows visitors to enjoy the best of both traditional and modern Japan in a unique lodging experience.

The living room is equipped with benches and stools to reflect a Japanese tea house, as well as a number of beautifully traditional Japanese umbrellas dangling from the ceiling. Set in the room are popular origami designs, such as cranes, as well as paper fans.




The bedroom features colorful sliding doors made even prettier by seeping sunlight, and especially comfortable futons recreate a traditional Japanese countryside inn experience in Tokyo.





The origami motif extends to the powder and shower room.



Kitchen amenities and kimonos for guests are also available.




The building's roof area has an open space for relaxing and taking in views of the surrounding Harajuku area.


Because of the setup and theme, the room is quite a bit more expensive than other Airbnb's (the reservation cites it at 28,000 yen per guest with a maximum occupancy of six), but for those looking for a unique lodging experience tapping into both traditional Japanese culture and modern kawaii aesthetic, this may be the best option--aside from the Sakura room one floor above it.



Address: 2-18-7 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Access: 8 minutes on foot from Meiji-Jingumae (Harajuku) Station via the Chiyoda and Fukutoshin lines.

Occupancy: 1-6 people

Price: ¥40,000 (does not include handling and service charges) *1 room 1 night (subject to change depending on the period)


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Fantastic! And just in time for the Tokyo Olympics!

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Does Japantoday site automatically compress photos? These are nice shots but ruined by the horrible compression.

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Nice & beautiful for next year Tokyo Olympic .....

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Please keep Airbnb out of Japan, it gives nothing of nuisance to the hard working people who live next to these accommodations.

They are often occupied by young people with a low travel budget meaning they shack up their with a bunch of people making noise until deep in the night.

Furthermore the halls are often lingered with people mooching of the free WIFI of which they have been tipped off by other travellers.

If you want to come to Japan and don't even have the funds to book one of the many reasobly priced hotels, minshukus or ryokans please don't bother coming.

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