Over a billion people struggle to stay cool as Earth warms

By Alister Doyle

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This would be genuinely scary were it not for that maverick, genius climate scientist who explained, a couple of years ago, that the idea of global warming was a Chinese invention, designed to hurt American industry.

It’s thanks to thoughtful, intelligent people like him that I sleep easily at night.

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The people who are native to this list of most at risk countries are also used to dealing with the high temps and humidity. Don't be so quick to feel bad for everyone in the world.

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Mans weakest links became the links which today cannot survive without technology.

1 ( +1 / -0 ) global warming brings more high temperatures, a study shows.

It would appear that 'they' are back to calling it global warming. If only people could stop and think for a moment to realize that these heating and cooling cycles have been going on here on earth for millions of years. Humans had nothing to do with the last ice age ending or the one before that.

If you truly want to help this planet, do you part by watching what you buy and then throw out. Do your part to reduce the amount of garbage, reuse, recycle, plant green spaces where it will help keep temperatures down and clean the air and plan gardens out to use less water where water is scarce. Cut down on the number of car trips that you do. Etc., etc., etc. This is the hard part that no one wants to do. It so easy to scream that the sky is falling and thumb down those that don't join in your mindless chants but to actually do your part in helping out other than a 'like' here and a thumb up there. Nope that's asking to much.

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Cold showers and more cold showers....

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