Parenting styles vary across U.S.

By Cliff McKinney

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What is the relevance to "parenting styles" in Japan?

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Now split it by race and age for us please

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3 Maybe Japanese should be their emotional to support their children,it obviously you were triggered, could it be some childhood trauma

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Most people agree that children should have enough to eat, not be sexually molested and never be punished in a way that requires medical treatment.

The author is a professor?

What the heck kind of remark is this?

How about adding, not be psychologically tormented, not be given methamphetamines, not be left alone anywhere, not be given scissors and told to run around the house, and other crazy stuff. Does the guy think there might be some people who agree with the opposite of what he is saying?

This is the most bizarre opening sentence I have ever read here.

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Children must be loved and kept safe from themselves and others. Nurtured and educated. Encouraged and taught how to develop themselves into capable people and responsible citizens that care for others as well as themselves.

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