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Propose to your loved one with these onigiri ring sets

By grape Japan

If you're after an awesome proposal or wedding jewelry set from Japan, it's hard to argue with Pokemon wedding rings with Pokeball ring cases, but for those with quirkier tastes, Japanese capsule toy maker Kitan Club may have just the thing. Rice ball ring and case sets.

Kitan Club has a reputation for giving many of their capsule toys a cute food-related theme, most recently seen with their adorable "Hamster and Egg Ham and Egg" series. Now they've set their sights on perhaps Japan's most popular eat-on-the-run snack in onigiri, or rice balls. As a clever twist, these capsule toys don't have a traditional capsule--instead the "capsule" is the rice ball itself, with the inside being a surprise ring modeled after popular onigiri fillings.

The onigiri ring and case sets are currently available where all Kitan Club capsules are available, as well as in surprise packs at toy stores for 300 yen.

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I guess if she actually says 'yes' to a 3 dollar engagement ring, she might be a keeper...?

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ikura desu ka

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I guess if she actually says 'yes' to a 3 dollar engagement ring, she might be a keeper...?

If she says yes to a seafood themed ring she is too weird, or she is a mermaid.

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just use the box inside a real onigiri wrapper with a real ring.

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If pressed by a father's honor to propose, here is how to get a sure "NO!"

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Sounds awesome, better than a ridiculous ring that can cost nearly 10 thousand dollars, such a waste of money.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Add an element of fish to anything and everything somehow. Welcome to Japan.

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