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Quirky traditions that mark New Year around the world


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Despite all diffent traditions... Have a happy new year!

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Solar or lunar, just more reasons to have celebrations :)

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@Zichi - Nice comment. Thank you and Happy New Year to you and everyone else on this JT site!

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Happy New Year to All ! I wish I could watch "KOHAKU", eat some of my favorite "o-sechi" and read all those "nengajyo" ! (I am way beyond the age of receiving "otoshidama", now I just give it ! )

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The quirkiest one is "otoshidama."

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Otoshidama... that's the one where the relatives' kids, now in junior high school and part time working age, expect you to give them money for making them come to visit you for the first time since last New Year's, lol.

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