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Report names Vienna 'most liveable city' for second year; Osaka 4th


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"Western Europe and North America continue to be the most liveable regions in the world," the EIU said in a press release.

Can't find the full list, but based on the Top 10 that press release should have read "Australia(3), Canada(3), Western Europe(2) and Japan(2) continue to be the most liveable regions in the world."

Happy to live in City No.2.

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My last visit to Vienna was wonderful, except the prices. I suppose if I lived there, the high prices would be offset by a higher salary.

SF is not a livable city if you aren't paid 3x what people doing the same job elsewhere in the USA are paid. Housing is crazy expensive there. Plus, when the next "big one" hits, there will be plenty of death.

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The world's top 10 most liveable cities for 2019

Vienna (Austria) - 99.1

Melbourne (Australia) - 98.4

Sydney (Australia) - 98.1

Osaka (Japan) - 97.7

Calgary (Canada) - 97.5

Vancouver (Canada) - 97.3

Toronto (Canada) - 97.2

Tokyo (Japan) - 97.2

San Francisco didn't make it in the top 10? At least it's not in the 10 worst.

The world's least liveable cities

Damascus (Syria) - 30.7

Lagos (Nigeria) - 38.5 

Dhaka (Bangladesh) - 39.2 

Tripoli (Libya) - 40.4

Karachi (Pakistan) - 40.9

Port Moresby (PNG) - 41

Harare (Zimbabwe) - 42.6

Douala (Cameroon) - 44

Algiers (Algeria) - 44.1

Caracas (Venezuela) - 46.9

I think I know why Tripoli is in the 10 worst.

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